Tottenham striker Troy Parrott impressed again for Republic of Ireland U21s but Mick McCarthy admits he will need to play football for Spurs to push his way into the country side.
Before coming off the bench to score twice in a 3-1 win against Sweden on Tuesday night, parrott scored the winner on Friday.
The 17-year-old has been an important portion of Tottenham’s pre-season excursion Juventus and Bayern Munich and is now Spurs’ striker that is second supporting Harry Kane.
However, McCarthy insists Parrott needs Tottenham first-team action before he could be selected for Ireland’s old side, saying:”Get from the very first team.
“You do realise the U21s and the U23s where he is playing with is far-removed from where we are playing, do not you? There’s a difference.
“Should I believe he is correct, I will take him. We are going to attempt to get him noticed. It is interesting – when he scored his objectives and had not come on, I wonder what will the questions have been had he not come on, since Stephen’s not played him?
“If somebody makes you a substitute and you run on a do that, deliver that kind of functionality, that’s what it’s about. He’s a fantastic kid and I am excited by him.”
Though Parrott has not emerged for Spurs in the Premier League this year, he is in line to make his debut from the Carabao Cup from Colchester United in September.
The youngster is also set to progress at national level together with his U21s manager Stephen Kenny stepping up to manage the mature side following their Euro 2020 campaign, which McCarthy states must allow a natural development from childhood level.
McCarthy said:”You’re all talking about them coming through into the first group. When he [Kenny] has got the job and it won’t be that today – he will be perfectly positioned.
“In the meantime, it’s me that’s come and may have obtained the backlash had we drawn in Gibraltar or dropped from Gibraltar, and that has shielded him .
“Hopefully we all qualify, reach the Euros and it will be viewed as a great decision to have achieved exactly what we did.”

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