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By Andrew Benson
Chief F1 writer in Singapore
Sebastian Vettel ended his 13-month win drought at the Singapore Grand Prix with a controversial victory.
The German profited from Ferrari approach that was unusual to leapfrog Charles Leclerc that was team-mate to the lead.
Leclerc told that the group over the radio that it was”unfair” and it will do little to decrease stress within the group.
However, it turned out to be a success for its four-time world champion who has had a hard, error-strewn season and faced questions about future and his status.
The German noticed Leclerc a two-time winner in his first time at Ferrari, emerge as number one at the group as a danger to his own position, and has continued a run of a single important driving mistake every three races since June last year.
However, Leclerc made his feelings clear and was unhappy.
Ferrari’s plan did secure Vettel win as the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August 2018 and also them their initial one-two because the 2017 Grand Prix.
And it pushed Lewis Hamilton, who started second behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen , down to fourth, at the Mercedes.
Vettel started third and his success depended on a determination by Ferrari to prevent him early, made to make sure he did not pit and come out behind Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault, which had ceased for new tyres after a first-lap episode and had been charging through the area.
It arose since the leaders were managing their pace to make sure they will make their pit stop.
Seeing the risk on Vettel from Hulkenberg, the group pitted him lap 19 and that he rejoined in front of the Renault.
Ferrari pitted Leclerc, who had led the race from the beginning next time around but the pace advantage on his first lap out of the pits on new tyres of Vettel ensured after the 21-year-old emerged out of the pits he was before Leclerc.
“What the hell?” Leclerc said over the radio, why he wasn’t pitted first almost certainly wondering.
His scientist told him”It had been the best we could do.”
Leclerc said:”I just wanted to let you understand my emotions. I don’t know the undercut, to be totally honest. But now we discuss it afterwards.”
The dual early halt for the Ferraris meant both drivers needed to work their way past slower cars that hadn’t yet made a pit stop, also Vettel did so to better impact than Leclerc, building a six-second direct by the time that they had been conducting on lap 33, only after half space.
The threat for Ferrari was the danger in Hamilton, who had postponed his pit stop to benefit at the close of the race.
But three sessions to get a collection of incidents between markers awarded Ferrari the slow laps they needed to make sure their tyres would make it.
At the final one, Leclerc requested for”that which” in the car to assault Vettel, however he was told he had to deal with the engine and bring the car home – code for him to maintain place behind his team-mate.
Hamilton has been running a close second behind Leclerc in the first laps, as the leaders lapped 13 minutes off their qualifying times to make sure their tyres functioned as long as required.
However he had been undone by Ferrari’s strategy bet.
After Vettel pitted, Hamilton said to his team they should attempt to”undercut” Leclerc at the exact same fashion but that chance was removed when Leclerc ceased on the very next lap.
That gave Mercedes attempt to assault on new tyres after from the race although no option but to conduct Hamilton.
However, the strategy also dropped him behind Verstappen’s Red Bull, along with his tyre advantage – just a small number of laps – was not enough to let him attempt to pass cars on a path where a vehicle is thought to desire a 2.4-second pace advantage to overtake.
Hamilton desired aid from Valtteri Bottas, who pitted earlier and was advised to back off to impede Red Bull’s Alexander Albon, whom Hamilton would have come out behind.
However, his championship lead over Bottas, who finished in fifth behind him, was stretched to 65 points, and it remains just a matter of time until he wins a sixth world title.
Underneath Bottas, Albon drove a solid race in the Red Bull, but his pace that was actual was not clear because of the feature of the race.
And Lando Norris drove well to choose seventh and best of the rest to McLaren, ahead of Toro Rosso’s Pierre Gasly, Hulkenberg and the Alfa Romeo of Antonio Giovinazzi at the conclusion of a race which was soporific at the front but comprised several harum-scarum racing at the midfield from time to time.
The events that caused the safety car have been a wreck involving Haas’ Romain Grosjean along with Williams’ George Russell about the exit of Turn Eight on lap 35; a retirement that stranded Sergio Perez’s Racing Point on track on lap 39; and a collision between Daniil Kvyat’s Toro Rosso and Kimi Raikkonen’s Alfa Romeo if the Russian dived for a pass at Turn One on lap 50.
Russia at a week’s time. Three wins in a row; can it be made by Ferrari ? Mercedes is going to be able to bounce back following Singapore’s errors.
Vettel:”First of all, huge congratulations to the team – the start of the year has been hard for us then we began to come alive and I am really proud of everyone’s work straight home. I wish to thank the fans during the previous couple of weeks. We have not been the very best and it’s happy to get so many letters and messages that are pleasant, also it gives me plenty of strength and belief and that I put it all into the vehicle today.”
Leclerc:”Clearly it is always tough to drop a win like this but at the end it’s a one-two for your group so I am happy for that, our first of this season. I’m frustrated for me but I will come. It seems far more positive than anticipated, they have [the mechanics] performed an wonderful job.”
Verstappen:”The whole race went well. Initially it was very slow and everybody was close we boxed and together I began to battle together with the tyres plus it turned out to be a good call. We undercut Lewis and from that point it was about handling the tyres.”
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