How can we help you manage your assets

ICAD takes the lead in evolving investment themes and structuring transactions.

We will directly invest in the themes. Plus, offer it to chosen co-investors or other companies within, or outside the group, to raise funds.

The Fund Platform within ICAD Asset Management is particularly well suited for high-level and High Net Worth investors who seek the flexibility to select their own optimal exposure to each individual investment.

ICAD is happy to invest in you

Commercial Enterprises & Management

Industrial Enterprise & Management

Agriculture Enterprise & Management

Oil And Natural Gas Projects

Sports Enterprise & Management

Water Enterprises & Management

Healthcare Enterprises & Management

Tourism Enterprise & Management

Retail Trade Enterprises & Management

The list is not exhaustive and we can look at other promising areas too.

The Government of Dubai, Department of Economic Development has licensed ICAD to create and invest its own funds in these activities as per the License No 780839, commercial Register No 1281701, issued in April 2017.