New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees claims operation on his thumb harm was a victory and is expected to miss.
Since the Seahawks seem to continue their best start since their Super Bowl championship year the Saints are starting a stretch of games with no quarterback Brees with the visit to Seattle on Sunday.
Saints coach Sean Payton has yet to name a beginner, although teddy Bridgewater is anticipated to begin for New Orleans.
Brees’ injury – a ligament in his throwing thumb, last week sustained in a reduction at the Los Angeles Rams – begs the question of if the Saints have been developed to withstand the NFL’s all-time top passer’s lack.
“We’re getting ready to learn,” Saints manager Payton said if asked that question.
Bridgewater completed 17 of 30 passes for 165 yards after substituting Brees.
The Saints hope he can recapture the form he had in Minnesota when he made a Pro Bowl selection in 2015 before a serious knee injury he was set by the following preseason back again.
“We’ve 53 individuals on our team. Drew is a enormous part of that,” New Orleans defensive end Cameron Jordan stated.
“You can’t replace Drew, however in precisely exactly the identical time we don’t know exactly what Teddy brings to the table. It has been [over] two decades since he has had an entire Pro Bowl season that he had over in Minnesota.
“At this stage, I can’t tell you if we could withstand without Drew.”
Payton would not confirm whether Bridgewater would begin, rather indicating that Taysom Hill can be in the mixture.
Hill has replaced Brees on occasion at quarterback when Payton goes with a run-pass option also plays with an assortment of places on offense and special teams.
Brees’ absence was not the only difficulty the Saints needed in Los Angeles at the rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game.
Their line has been defeated consistently and the group rushed for 57 yards on 20 carries. New Orleans were penalised 11 days for 87 yards.
The Seahawks also want to cut back on their own penalties. They’ve been penalised 18 times, including 10 for 93 last week.
If they continue to play close matches, having conquered the Cincinnati Bengals by a single point in the opener and prevailing in Pittsburgh by two, the rash of fines could prove expensive.
“Our hands have to get cleaner,” coach Pete Carroll said. “That’s simply being cluttered with their palms, and we have to perform better. We’re not there yet, we’re not on it however.
“Our conscience isn’t right about it, and I am hoping this hit tough enough this week. I hope that the courses are strong enough that we can create an impression.
“We have got to do it. We’re a team that is third-down that is fantastic.
“Everything , we stink, and that is likely to continue to be hard and those occur due to sacks or due to penalties and we are getting third and fifteens and things. We have to clean that up.”
Meanwhile, the Seahawks don’t have some quarterback concerns as they were led by Russell Wilson to their first 2-0 start.
Wilson used his legs and his arm to a 28-26 victory that was crucial at Pittsburgh last Sunday, a week after Seattle opened with a one-point triumph against Cincinnati at home.
Against the Steelers, he finished 29 of 35 passes for 300 yards and three touchdowns. Three times also scrambled to keep living a drive that conveys the final 5:34 of this game.
“It’s tough to imagine that somebody will continue getting better once you are in year eight,” Carroll advised “How can that happen? But it is. We are watching it.”

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