Every season, one American League (AL) team wins the pennant, representing they are the league’s champion and possess the right to play in the World Series against the champion of the National League. The pennant was introduced to the team with the best win–loss record each year through the 1968 season, and the American League Championship Series (ALCS) was released to decide the pennant winner. The very first modern World Series was played in 1903 and, after a hiatus in 1904, has taken place annually 1994, when a players’ strike forced the cancellation of the postseason. The American League pennant holders would be.
Back in 1969, the team split into two divisions, along with the groups with the best records in each division played another in the five-game ALCS to find out the pennant winner, who received (and continues to receive) that the William Harridge Trophy. The trophy featured a golden eagle, the league’s logo, sitting atop a silver baseball and clutching the American League banner. [6] Since 2017, the decoration is all silver with a pennant on top. The prize is named for Will Harridge, that was league president from 1931 to 1958. The format of the ALCS was changed from a best-of-five into a best-of-seven format in the 1985 postseason. Back in 1995, an extra playoff series was added when Major League Baseball restructured into three divisions in each league. As of 2010, the winners of the Eastern, Central, and Western Divisions, as well as the AL Wild Card winner, play at the American League Division Series, also a best-of-five playoff to determine the opponents who’ll play in the ALCS. American League pennant winners have gone on to win the World Series 66 occasions, most recently in 2018.
The New York Yankees have won 40 AL pennants, winning their first in 1921 and their most recent in 2009. This total is over double that of the next-closest group, the Oakland Athletics, who have won 15. They are followed closely by the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers, with 14 and 11 pennants won respectively. The Yankees have the maximum pennants because the introduction of the ALCS in 1969 with 11, followed by the Athletics and the Baltimore Orioles with 5 and 6 respectively. The Yankees also hold the record for most wins by a pennant-winning group, using their 1998 team winning 114 from 162 games, completing 22 games ahead of the Boston Red Sox. The 1954 Cleveland Indians won the most matches of any pennant winner beneath the pre-1969 system, winning 111 from their 154 games and finishing eight games ahead of the Yankees. The Milwaukee Brewers won the American League pennant in 1982 but afterwards moved into the National League beginning from the 1998 season.
The only American League team to have never won a pennant is the Seattle Mariners

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