Boxing, once the most popular gaming game in the USA has lost some steam in the past several years, but nevertheless remains a respectable force in the sportsbooks. Some adore the simplicity of two guys,”mano a mano,” duking it out without a scoreboard, no timeouts, and no substitutions. In the beginning, the gambling odds might seem hard to comprehend, but rest assured that gambling on fights is a breeze.


Straight Betting: This is when you simply bet on one fighter to win a boxing match. The odds are voiced on the money line, which is simply a way to express the chances. For all those new to boxing betting, the problem with money lines is that we all grew up hearing odds expressed a different way–in fractional form. We heard how Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston as a”6-to-1″ underdog, or the way Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas as a”40-to-1 favorite.” Money lines operate the exact same way, it’s only a different saying. Here’s a good example.

Floyd Mayweather (-270) vs. Saul Alvarez (+230)

This is a cash line. Mayweather is at -270, so he is a favorite. The fighters will each possess a number with either a plus or a minus sign next to it. A minus sign always means a popular, although the plus sign always indicates an underdog. Obviously, with favorites you need to bet more to acquire less, while underdogs cover more than you wagered. Mayweather at -270 means you need to bet $270 for every $100 you aspire to win. Alvarez in +230 means you win $230 for each $100 you bet.

A few points about the cash line: You don’t need to wager $100 or sufficient to win $100. The cash line expression rotates around the $100 mark merely to make it easy to comprehend. You may wager virtually any amount at all, based on the limits of your book. To be able to win one of these stakes, the fighter you bet on must only win–in almost any manner in any way. If the struggle is a draw, you get your bet back, unless there was betting provided on a draw, which could lead to a reduction.

Over/Under Betting: Wagering on totals in boxing is if you predict how long a fight will survive. Who wins the struggle isn’t of any consequence for the purposes of your bet–just how long it lasts. When gambling on this choice, you will observe the fighters listed, with a entire number of rounds, using a money line for every decision. Here’s an example:

Chris Arreola vs. Seth Mitchell
More than 5.5 (+135)
Under 5.5 (-155)

In the above example, the entire number of rounds is 5.5. In +135, the”over” is the underdog, with you standing to win $135 for every $100 you bet. The”under” is favored at -155, meaning you must wager $155 for every $100 you aspire to win. A vital thing to remember is that 5.5 does not mean midway through the 5th round. It means the struggle must have 5.5 completed rounds, meaning the fight would go”over” in the 1:30 mark of the 6th round.

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