LOS ANGELES — The dugout was dead, the bats hushed, and the concern was growing that, possibly, a Game that had showcased twice the innings might have, in a feeling, showcased double the losses to the Red Sox. With their pitching plan ripped up, Rich Hill locking their lineup and Yasiel Puig doing his bat-dropping, arm-raising, bicep-kissing dance round the basepaths, a Boston ballclub that had dominated the first two matches of the World Series was in serious danger of seeing its edge removed.
However, the relentlessness that coloured 108 regular-season wins and a steady run through a chilling American League playoff film remains with the Red Sox, and it carried them at a Game 4 on Saturday night in Dodger Stadium. Scoring all nine of the runs from the seventh inning on, with four RBIs from Steve Pearce, the short-on-sleep-but-long-on-life Sox deflated and defeated the Dodgers, 9-6, and are back in a controlling and mathematically momentous position within this best-of-seven set.

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