Rory Burns amazed on top of the order for England but following Josh Hazlewood produced three strikes that are overdue, would be the hosts currently battling to rescue their odds of regaining the Ashes?
Jonathan Trott combined Bob Willis and Charles Colvile to explore a mixed day for England since Burns’ and captain Joe Root’s 141-run third-wicket rack was introduced to an end during the evening session as Josh Hazlewood picked up 3-18 at a searing six over spell to leave the hosts 98 runs due to their follow-on goal with five wickets spare.
Bob was impressed with opener Burns’ character and ability to concentrate from the middle for long periods of time, while former England batsman Trott considers the batsman has improved throughout the series having had time from the globe that was red to bat.
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– What are the chances of winning or rescuing this Test match of England?
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