Recognize smart investment opportunities

ICAD takes the lead in involving investment themes.

ICAD practices a methodical investment method to assess potential transactions and continually review and reevaluate our portfolio companies and the markets they function.

Potential enterprises must exhibit the ability to make sufficient cash to guarantee upturn of the provided capital in a commercially realistic period, while the development scheme is implemented, and during the investing period.

Through our worldwide network and on-the-ground presence in multiple areas, we strive to recognize smart investment prospects that benefit from the long-term appealing tenets of the market they operate in.

We engage a range of investment classes and work with management teams to structure transactions that suggest the risks and opportunities accompanying with each company.

Investment arrangements include common equity via private placements or proprietary investments, debt, convertible debt, bridge loans, mezzanine finance and other credit support.

Integrate environment, social and governance issues into investments.

Our idea is to invest in companies that have robust management, a scalable business model, and the potential to become a regional front-runner in their markets.

The businesses should be lucrative or have the potential to quickly realize benefit.

It should have been incorporated for at least two to three years.

It must have a business plan that can validate profitability and pass our demanding due diligence procedures.

ICAD believes in the Principles of Responsible Investment.

We trust in an approach that aims to include environmental, social, and Governance (ESG) modules into investment decisions to better manage risk and sustainable long-term returns. We are an active follower of PRI principles.

We believe that an economically efficient, sustainable global financial system is necessary for long-term value creation. Such a system will reward long-term, responsible investment and benefit the environment and society as a whole.

– PRI Assoc.

Integrating Environment, Social, Governance Issues in Investment Decisions.

Embrace ESG Issues in ownership policies and practices.

Pursuing appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by entities where we invest.

Endorse ESG principles within the Investment Industry.

Work towards improving the effectiveness in implementing principles of responsible Investment.

Become part of the PRI workgroups anywhere in the world.

For too long, the principles of Investment have been mostly about snatching a quick gain, while giving nothing back. At ICAD, we are trying to amend a bit of all that, for good.

At ICAD, our viewpoint is to alter how people Invest, to realize greater returns while building a better, safer and fairer world for all.