Although most likely don’t understand this, America’s Got Talent was another series brought over after having success in Britain on a show started in 2006.
I would have to say this series appears to be better than previously for Entertainment worth, but the betting on America’s Got Talent Odds seems to be getting simpler based on the show not repeating the theme or type of action every year.
With that said, I’m saying to not wager any dog behaves or comic ventriloquists this season, because they’re probably trying to cover the entire gamut, create everything politically correct and make everybody happy in some small way.
Simon Cowell is a man after ratings and money, and being that this series is among the many shows he appears to assert whilst pocketing countless dollars weekly, I’m guessing he is attempting to keep the crowd from believing this show is becoming stale. You can do this by creating controversy or variety, each of which can be achieved by crowning a new category every year if they were the most gifted in America or not. Cowell is from America.
Now that the show is currently in Las Vegas after an audition procedure, maybe Howard Stern can actually be Howard Stern for once rather than the fluff ball he appears to be nestling inside of. There has to be controversy so folks bet on America’s Got Talent Odds and so people watch the show religiously each week. These Networks are not happy with anything less than the whole market really.
You won’t have too tough a time tuning in now they seem to find the thought that American guys want to watch Hot American Females. By hiring Supermodel and TV victory Heidi Klum and Spice Girl Mel B that there seems to be some spice on the set currently . Sharon Osbourne was just not doing it for America or the fans of HD if they see the flaws and changes up close.
I believe by viewing the first couple of episodes I know how this is going to work and how to make your Truth TV bets so.
Heidi Klum is the whole key to this show and who to bet, since I think they will set it up so that controversy involving herself and Howard Stern is going to be fabricated but appear to appear almost real to the naked eye.
You will call me paranoid, but I am telling you that the acts to wager this season will have two things in common. The winning act will be one act feminine, and the winning action will be heralded by Heidi Klum rather than Howard Stern.
You may call me paranoid, but I tend to think of all this betting advice as enlightening, thought out and powerful for your wagers. Check back often as I will keep you updated on the wicked changes they might attempt to operate in and fool you with.
Every Entertainment gambling field or Reality TV alternative has some flaky things that need to be figured out, and several of these things look more apparent to me. I’d advise following my advice on America’s Got Talent Odds and all other Entertainment gambling categories this season.

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