Indo-Canadian Asset Development and Investment Company

ICAD Investments LLC (“ICAD”) is a registered investment bank under Dubai Economic Development (DED). It’s exclusively dedicated to Investments and Finance in India, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Firm is co-founded by Dan Mishra and Umakant Rath, both veterans from the industry. Between them, Dan and Umakant have more than 85 years of international business and financial expertise.

ICAD welcomes a broad range of Institutional Investors.

These include large and prestigious foundations, endowments, family offices, High Net Worth Individuals including Asset Managers in India, the Middle East, and Africa. Our aim is to become the trusted investment partner to our clients.  Through our committed efforts, we shall help them to meet their investment goals.

We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is strategically located and has the right investment climate and business environment and acts as a gateway to all India, Europe, Middle East and African markets.


Benefit from 85+ years of experience in India, Canada, North America and African subcontinent to guide your investments.

The ICAD Investments board comprises professionals who are passionate about India, Africa, and the Middle East. Hence the objective of investing in this region.

They board combines 85+ years of experience in India, Canada, North America and African subcontinent. This spans a diverse range of industries and business sectors.

The result is that the analytical abilities and understanding at ICAD have been honed to spot investment opportunities in this region.


ICAD has a vision to become one of the leading and trustworthy Responsible investment management companies in the India, Africa and the Middle Eastern region.


To grow capital and build a sustainable environmental, social and Governance based investment model and enhance stakeholder’s value. Creating a safer world and happier community with money.

Board of Directors

Dan Mishra, Executive Chairman & Managing Partner, Chief Investment Advisor
A very dynamic leader, the successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Canadian Citizen of Indian Origin, Dan Mishra, has over forty years has built successful businesses that help North America’s leading public and private sector companies to achieve their most important business goals.

Dan has been the driving force behind CSDC Systems Inc, a company that’s a recognized leader in government process automation software in North America.

CSDC’s flagship product AMANDA helps Governments in North America with automating workflows in Licensing, Permitting, Asset Management, FOIA/ATIP, Compliance Management and more. The result is that governments have become more nimble and citizen-centric through better engagement.

Dan has also introduced smart governance systems in Asia and Africa, established Young Entrepreneur Award for aspiring young students, invest in businesses led by young entrepreneurs, teach and speak to business leaders worldwide.

He has a passion and foresight amongst business leaders in the public and private sector and is seen as an approachable visionary, philanthropist and successful entrepreneur.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in India in 1969, and a Masters in Engineering from the University of New Brunswick in Canada, 1972.

From the  Executive Chairman.

Umakant Rath, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner, Chief Investment Strategist
Dynamic and accomplished Managing Executive and Entrepreneur who has achieved 35 years of significant strategic and management expertise within the Finance and Investment, Oil and Gas, ICT, Commodity Trading, Transport, hospitality and mining sectors.

Umakant is an excellent communicator and negotiator. He utilizes cool collaborative approaches start up. He leads and transforms successful multi-million dollar businesses for yielding exceptional results and gain competitive advantage.

Operationally agile and industrious. Applies strong financial and commercial astuteness to continuously re- engineer and expand businesses by developing and strengthening strategic partnerships. A confident and gifted leader who thrives on motivating teams to strive for performance excellence within the challenging economic, multi-sectorial markets. Umakant has bachelors and Masters Degree in Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Dhanbad) in 1982.

From the Chief Executive Officer.