Every year once an NHL team is slow out of the gate that the very first question asked by fans and the media would bewhy dont they fire the coach? You trade or can not fire 23 players, so making a turn is typically the very first attempt by the company to the ship before its too late.??
It is even worse when you were expected to become a Stanley Cup competition that is potential such as the Dallas Stars have been using the success they had under Jim Montgomery year, which makes it all the way into the Western Conference final.??
What a difference a few months makes as Montgomery (+255) is now the top candidate to be the first coach relieved of his duties among the leagues 31 seat directors. The Stars are 1-6-1 during their first eight matches and its to this may be concerning, the opponents they have dropped: Detroit Buffalo and Columbus main among them.??
Minnesotas Bruce Boudreau is number 2 on the list at +280 following a start and criticizing roster composition and Boudreau coming out. The carpenter is whining about the resources he is using and rookie GM Bill Guerin is at a situation where hes being contested by a subordinate (seem familiar, Leafs Nation?) .??
New Jerseys John Hynes is still a bet at +400 as well, watching as earlier this week, Assistant GM Tom Fitzgerald came on the ice to assist with practice. Reeks of unhappiness and unrest moves with the present staff.??
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Odds at October 18

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