All games must start on the confirmed closing date for wagers to have action. Dates will be corrected as events are confirmed by Promoters. On events where’event has to occur by’ is specified this date will employ. If either fighter has been substituted with another fighter bets will be void and bet returned
After the bell sounds to start the first round, the bout will be considered official for betting purposes, irrespective of the scheduled length or title.
If either fighter fails to answer the bell for the next round then his opponent will be deemed to have won in the last round.
In the event of a fight being declared a’No Competition’ all bets will be void and stakes returned, with the exception of markets in which the result has been determined.
If the scheduled length of this match is altered, all preceding wagers on the number of rounds of the bout will be graded as’No Action’.
Each round is just three minutes in duration; a half-round is described as ninety minutes. When wagering on total rounds, please be aware that a lineup of 9??1/2 ROUNDS, MEANS 1:30 INTO THE 10TH ROUND! Nine complete rounds, plus 1:30 of the 10th. UFC Championship Fights: Every round is 5 minutes in length, a half round is described as (150) One Hundred and Fifty seconds. When wagering on totals rounds, please note that a line of 1.5 rounds means 2:30 into the 2nd round. One complete round, also 2:30 of round 2.
For wagering purposes, the disqualification of a boxer during a match will be counted as a match by his opponent.
If the wagering offer on a game comprises the attraction as a third choice and the game ends in a draw, wagers on the draw is going to be paid while wagers on either fighter will be lost. If the wagering offer includes only both fighters — together with all the draw either not available or offered as a distinct proposal — and the match ends in a draw, then wagers on either fighter will be refunded.
In situations not covered by the prior rules, the wagering decision announced by the Don Best Sports information service will be considered official and binding.

If for any reason a race has been delayed or postponed, action for all wagers will remain for 48 hours. In the event that the delay must last more than 48 hours, all wagers are cancelled and the stakes refunded.
Bets on Formula One (F1), Motor and Auto races have been determined by the podium position on the afternoon of their prize-giving for the specific occasion; any changes in position following this time aren’t considered for settling functions.
Bets on NASCAR are Graded after the post-race inspection procedure is complete and an official result is declared.
Drivers must begin the race for action. If two motorists abandon the race after finishing the same number of laps, the various head-to-head is deemed emptiness; otherwise the driver who completes the most laps will be deemed the winner if both drivers fail to finish the race. To win the race, at least 60 percent of the beginning field must begin the race to get actions.
NASCAR Qualifiers:
For qualifying match-ups, only the times posted throughout the qualifying session are utilized.
Disqualifications happening over 30 minutes following the qualifying session has finished aren’t recognized for wagering purposes.
Wagering lines on qualifying match-ups will be considered closed at the start of the first clinic. Any wagers made after the start of the first practice session will be graded as No Action and all monies refunded.
To Qualify In Pole Position: All in compete or not. Bets settled on the motorist who’s announced as qualifying on pole immediately after the conclusion of the qualifying session. Any following demotion or disqualification wouldn’t affect the result.
Fastest Lap: Bets settled on the motorist who’s officially declared to have completed the fastest lap of the race.
Formula 1:
Wagers on a driver will be in effect if, and only if, the motorist lines up on the official starting grid after the warm-up lap.
The podium positions will be used to determine first, second and third for betting purposes. All results for Formula One stakes are regulated by the FIA’s classification at the time of the podium presentation.
Drivers must begin the race for actions.
All season wagers are settled with the official results from the FIA at the end of the season.
Pole Position wagers are settled according to the driver that starts the race in pole position. (To the starting grid)
All individual race wagers are settled on the official classification in the FIA at the time of this podium presentation. Any succeeding stewards enquiries that might alter the classification or disqualify drivers won’t rely on wagering purposes.
Official results are seen in
Motorbike Racing
Riders set up for the start of the warm up lap for race 1 are deemed as runners for race.
Any riders withdrawing from race 2 after race will be deemed losers for compensation of race two.

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